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Aziz Ahmed Bilour

Aziz Ahmed Bilour has an attractive personality. The way he talks the way he expresses his view always impresses everybody.

Aziz Ahmed bilour, youngest in all brothers born on 23rd August, 1952. He got his early education from the local school. From the beginning he was a bright student therefore it was his parents dream to join civil services of Pakistan. He made the dreams of his parents true in 1978 and joined civil services. He had also thirst of education as well. He got the LL.B, M.A (Political Science), MSc (Defence & Strtigic Studies) from different universities. His service Group is Income Tax (Inland Revenue). He served for 33 years mostly on executive level postings as Commissioner Income Tax, Diretor General Income Tax, Sales Tax and Gederal Excise and Member Federal Board of Revenue Islamabad.

Presently he is working as Executive Director (BS-21) National Vocational and Technical Education Commission (NAVTEC) Prime Minister Secretariat Islamabad.

Ilyas Ahmed Bailour

Mr.Ilyas Ahmed Bailour was born in a business family of peshawar on 9th january 1940.
After receving early education at Peshawar,he graduate from krachi universtiy and later did MBA from krachi.He is self employed and is Cheif Executive of Bailour Group of Industries.

In view of long association spreas over a period of 35 Years with trade,commerce and industry.Ilyas Ahmed bilour has gaindin-depth study of the problems faces by thse by these sectors and also the prospects of overcoming their problems.industrializationprogrammes both on national and regionallevels are of special interest to him.Our family belongs to a political party of pakistan, Which was founded by a great freedom fighter belongs to a political party of pakistan, Which was founded by a great freedom fighter khan Abdul Ghafar Khan who is popularly known as Sarhadi Gahandi in India.My elder brother was elected MNA for three times and remained Federal Minister and my younger brother is MPA five times and served as ProvisionalMinister thrice.My younger brother Mr.Aziz Ahmed Bilour is a Bureaucrat in Income tax Group and served as Member FBR,Islamabad.

The positions held by me in Chambers and associations as well as others bodies as given below.

Chairman standing Committee on Commerce,Senate of Pakistan.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in 2006 for the third time.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in 2003 for the second time.
Elected as Technocart member of the senate of pakistan in March 1994 on a Six year term and former member of the Senate's standing Committies Commerce,Finance and economic planning as well as Water and power.Founder Chairman Afghan-Pakistan Chamber of Commerce & Industry in member of SAARC Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as its Executive Committee.Founder Ex-President indo-pakistan chamber of commerce and Industry ,karachi from 12.03.1996to12.09.1998.President of the Shared Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Rawalpindi in 1969-70.Chairman,ECO Chamber of Commerce & Industry.Vice President,Islamic chamber of Commerce & Industry. Member of Board of Governors, The kidney center.Member of Governing Body of the Cardio Vascular Institure Of Karachi.Chairman of pak ASEAN business Council Member of Board of Governors,Lahore university of Managment Service (LUMS).

Member of Board of Governors,institute of Business Administration.


Nominated By pakistan Governmentto participate in the study meeting on Regional industrialization and Devlopment In TOKO,Japan from 17th to 23rd October 1990.
Represrnted Pakistan in the first trade delegation to Leipzig(East Germany) In 1970.The delegation was led by the president of FPCCI.Led delegations of Pakistan Businessman to Turkey,Syria,Jorden,singapore and so many other countries during the president ship of FPCCE.

Led UNIDO Delegation to Vienna and London regarding the inter mark 1998.
Accompanied the Delegation of:

1:EX-prime minister of Pakistan MS.Benazir Bhutto To Sweden.
2:Ex-president of Pakistan Mr.Farooq Ahmed Leghari to central Asian States.
3:Ex-prime Minister Of pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Malaysia, China, Hong kong.
4:Ex-prime Minister of pakistan Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif to Bangladesh Ms.Hasina Wajid and prime Minister of India Mr.Inder kumar Gujral Were also present.
5:Chairman Senate of pakistan Mr.Waseem Sajjad To Kenya , Australia and South africa and Romania.
6:Chairman Senate of Pakistan Mr.Muhammad Mian Soomro To new yark, USA to
attend summit of International parliamentarian Union during the session of General Assembly Of United Nation Organization in 2004.

Bashir Ahmad bilour

Bashir Ahmad bilour born in 1944. He got his early education from Governament Higher Secondary school No. 1 Peshawar Cantt. After doing Matriculation he got admission in famous Edwards college Peshawar and got graduation degree from the said college. Then for higher education he got admission in university of Peshawar and got LLB degree.

Bashir Ahmad Bilour is unique personality in the sence that he never lost any election throughout his career. He got succeeded in the following General Elections:
• 1990 General Election
• 1993 General Election
• 1997 General Election
• 2002 General Election
• 2007 General Election
In 1990 when he got succeeded in General Election he was appointed as Miniter for CNW. In 1993 again the same Ministry was given to you but in 1997 he took oath as a Minister for Irrigation. Currently he is Senior Provincial Mininster.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour

Known as Haji Sahib in Peshawar, Ghulam Ahmad Bilour hails from Bajaur Agency in the Federally-Administered Tribal Areas (FATA). His forefathers migrated to Peshawar long ago and his father was a successful businessman of the city, as well as an admirer of Bacha Khan. Born on 25th December 1939, Bilour got his early education from the Khudad Model School and Islamia School Peshawar. He did his intermediate from Edwards College and got married soon afterwards. He Graduated from Jamshore University.

His tendency towards politics from the very early age reveals that he is a democratic person. he participated in election campaign of Mohtarma Fatima Jinnah when she was contesting for the seat of President as a candidate of the Combined Opposition Party against Ayub Khan in 1965. He, however, joined active politics from the platform of the National Awami Party (NAP) in the 1970s and ever since has remained with the nationalist party.

Only Ajmal Khattak and Afzal Khan Lala both no more in active politics have been associated with the (NAP) for longer period than Ghulam Ahmad Bilour. Haji Sahib is widely respected for not compromising on principles and remaining loyal to the party. He considers securing the rights of the people of the province as his greatest achievement; and losing his only son, Shabbir Ahmed Bilour during the 1997 elections as his greatest loss. Haji Ghulam Ahmad Bilour is the real personality of principles and never compromise on the set forth principles of the party which are the actual guarantor of protection of rights of the people in general and the people of NWFP in particular.

Ghulam Ahmad Bilour was elected Senator in 1975 for six years. Ghulam Ahmad Bilour was first elected to the National Assembly in the 1988 by-elections. In the 1990 elections, he again contested for the National Assembly and succeeded against the late Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and assigned him as Federal Minister for Railways. Bilour recollects that the people of his constituency did not let him down in that crucial contest, which was perhaps the toughest of his long political career. In the 1993 elections, he lost to Zafar Ali Shah but regained the National Assembly seat in the 1997 elections. Bilour did not contest the 2002 elections. He was again elected to the National Assembly in the recent general elections, and assigned him Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development and currently the Federal Minister for Railways.

Haji Sahib always opposed Martial Law in the country. He never did negotiation with undemocratic powers. This was the reason that he and his party boycotted 1985 General Elections.

He is very devoted to ANP and to the people of his Province. He was invited by many political parties as well as Martial Law Administrators to join their alien but he rejected all the proposals with hard attitude saying that:-

“I am not here rule or to get Executive Seat of the party. I am here to serve people and I am Pukhtoon will never leave this door until death”.


In 1973, just after three years of joining NAP Haji Sahib was arrested and spent almost three months behind the Cell and again arrested this time he spent three monthsbehind the cell. In1974 he was arrested again. This time he spent almost 4 months in jail.

In 1975 the PPP Govt arrested all the four brothers including Haji Sahib. A famous shopping centre of Bilour Family has been destroyed. The Bilour House was evacuated and Bilour Family has been forced to be unsheltered. After five months he was released. In 1976 Haji Bilour was arrested in Hyderabad conspiracy case and sent to the Hyderabad Sindh Jail and spent two years in Jail alongwith Khan Abdul Wali Khan, Ghous Bux Bazenjo, Attaulah Mengal, Afzal Khan Lala, Arbab Sikandar Khan Khalil and other senior leaders of National Awami Party.

In 1982 he spent three months in Haripur Jail. In 1983 same injustice was repeated and he and his brother Bashir Bilour arrested time and spent one year behind the bare.


Haji Sahib has a strong knowledge of Kalabagh Project. His view is very clear about Kalabagh. He has complain from pathan youth. He always uses to say that pattan youth does not know about Kalabagh. They should get all the knowledge regarding to this project and should come forward to protest against it. Whenever you pay a visit to his office you will come to know that how tremendously he explains the whole project. In 1991 when he was appointed Federal Minister for Railways. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif called a meeting on Kalabagh. Haji Sahib said in meeting:-

“Peshawar valley is surrounded by Hills from three sides. There is only one way out for water if you build a dam over that region then the water level will raise 24 feet above than the plan area of NWFP. As a result this province will become a lake where people will come to catch fished”.

Once in London Shah Mehmood Qasori fall in a debate with Haji Sahib on Kalabgh when Haji Sahib cleared technical points to him, he was lets assign four engineers two from our side and two from your side, whatever they decided that will be acceptable to all. Haji Sahib replied “You assign engineers I will debate from my side because I know each and every thing about Kalabagh.


Haji Ghulam Ahmed Bilour is a unique personality. He is MNA and a Federal Minister but he never shows rude or proud attitude to anyone. There are many aspects of his personality. He is very kind hearted, friendly, source of knowledge very patient wherever you pay a visit to his office you will find that he stands with every individual enters to his office embraces him, listens to every individual very ;patiently and help him out. His simplicity and dressing reveals that he is a religious man. He never misses prayer.

It’s true that Mohtarama Benazir Bhutto gave an incredible sacrifice for democracy by Haji Sahib Sacrifice is not less by any mean, he lost his only son Shabbir Ahmad Bilour, in politics. Even know when he listens the word SHABBIR he stops talking and goes back in those memories where his son was with him


These were the efforts of NAP that NWFP has been renamed by KHYBER
PUKHTOONKKHWA. It made possible due to struggles of Bacha Khan and politcle
vision of Asfandiyar Wali

NWFP is a unique place in the world which has no specific name, “North West Frontier Province” is not a name it’s a location. There is very clear and common rule in the world of declaring name to a territory “the name must indicate the people who are in majority in that territory”.

NAP is the only party which came forward and rose the issue to rename NWFP by Pukhtoonkhwa. Tald shows and stuggles of haji sab reveaqls his stand on this issue. In a tald show these were his words:

“There were five brothers living in Pakistan Panjabi, Balochi, Sindhi, Pattan and Bangali. Bangalies removed their name from the map of Pakistan and we let them to do so. We want to write our name on the map of Pakistan and you are not permitting us”.

These were the efforts of NAP that Prisident Asif Ali Zardari called NWFP as PUKHTOONKHWA.
Haji sab visted Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhary Pervez Elahi and many other leaders to resolve this issue. Unfortunately many Pattan leaders don’t want to rename NWFP by PUKHTOONKHWA.